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about Self-Destructing-Email  
About Self-Destructing-Email

About Self-Destructing-Email
Self-Destructing-Email is an enhanced certified email service. It enables reliable tracking of email correspondence, informing the sender when select emails are received and viewed. It also provides certifiable proof that emails are sent, received and viewed by incorporating digital certificate technology and time/date stamping. Further, Self-Destructing-Email provides heightened security for the sending and receiving of email, spotlighting virus protection, encryption and unique features such as self-destructing email.

Self-Destructing-Email is:

  • Ready to use. No downloads or plugins are necessary. Self-Destructing-Email already works with all popular email packages and computing platforms.

  • Easy to use. To track an email message, compose your email as you normally do, append to the recipient's email address (e.g., ), then click "Send." Other Self-Destructing-Email features can be activated in a similar way.

  • Easy to understand. Self-Destructing-Email Read-Notifications are delivered in your language of choice and describe the full tracking history of your email. Our Read-Notifications are fully RFC compliant and compatible with your existing built-in email tracking, threading, and flagging features.

  • Private. Self-Destructing-Email has a strict privacy and anti-spam policy. We never read or monitor the contents of any tracked email, and we forbid the use of our service for junk emailing of any kind. Details such as names and email addresses are never made available to anyone outside of the Self-Destructing-Email service, and users can view and update their customer records and tracking history details anytime.

  • Personal. You always have full access to your Self-Destructing-Email account and email tracking information, and may change or erase it any time you wish. All changes and deletions you make are instant and permanent. Also, Self-Destructing-Email can tailor itself to your local time zone.

  • Reliable. All Self-Destructing-Email emails include more than two dozen different tracking techniques which makes Self-Destructing-Email many times more reliable than any competing product or service, and exceptionally more reliable than existing "return receipts."


  • Information about when your email is opened & read - and for how long
  • Tracking of where and to whom a sent email is forwarded
  • Full tracking history in your own "Tracked Mail" web page at
  • Certified Proof-of-Posting to prove you sent what you did, when you did
  • Certified Proof-of-Opening indicate when an email is opened
  • DSN enabling verifies delivery of your email
  • MDN enabling prompts your recipient(s) to acknowledge reading your email
  • Live, instant and self-updating Read-Notifications via your existing email
  • Instant Read-Notifications via SMS on your cell phone or pager, and via ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM/AOL, Jabber, and/or IRC instant messaging
  • Web link (URL) tracking
  • Microsoft Document tracking
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Self-Destructing emails prevent forwarding, printing, copying and saving
  • Ensured-Receipt emails guarantee an unobtrusive Read Notification (in compatible reader format) for every email you send that gets opened
  • Retractable email enables you to delete Ensured-Receipt and Self-Destructing emails after sending.
  • Approximate recipient location (by closest city)
  • Information about recipient's email/browser software, language(s) and software capabilities